Offers a commented visual diary of our research field-trips – in a triangle between Vienna (A) Tallinn (EST) and Russe (BG)

Museum of History

At the Regional Museum of History in Ruse we had a meeting with the head of the museum. At this opportunity we presented our mobile lab and the mapping of some vendors at the „Russian Market“ in Tallinn. In the public space next to the museum there would be a lot of opportunities to install an extensive three-dimensional mapping based on our... read more

TIR Parking

One of the larger T.I.R parkings in Ruse which is still in use. During socialist time this spot was run by the state owned hauling company SOMAT and hosted amongst other services a large truck repair stop. Today the parking, the repair stop and the restaurant is owned by the successor enterprise – the German based hauling company Willi Betz. The different businesses are rented out.... read more

First Private Autoline

As we approached the lady at the reception desk, she confirmed our assumption that the hotel is linked to a transportation business. The sign at the parking across the street – „BRANI 90 – First Private Autoline“ made us curious. So we’ll try to meet the owner to tell us more about his business!... read more


‚Our‘ – Austrian – DIY superstore, everywhere in more populated areas and in the exurbs to larger cities. But next to it some brand new car dealers‘ centers already resigned and had to close down. read more

Potato-Garlic Soup

Not just because of hunger we had to stop right after crossing the border to Romania at this great Truckstop. Whilst its outer shape refers to the famous ‚Roma-Palaces‘, the inner space is rather a puristic remnant of socialism. read more


Caused by the breakdown we were delayed and had to stay over night in Ukraine. We took our rooms above the big garage doors. Our Ford Transit was washed by three young guys who were working at the carwash in shifts – 24 hours! read more

Pit Stop

… immediately some of the workers gathered and discussed possibilities in order to fix our trailer. Finally the very friendly guys managed it and we were able to continue our... read more


Deceleration caused by deep potholes. The road is very badly maintained even though it sometimes has the dimension of a proper highway – 2 lanes in each direction. Probably its just because routes shifted. read more