Offers a commented visual diary of our research field-trips – in a triangle between Vienna (A) Tallinn (EST) and Russe (BG)

VIB – Arrival in Vienna

Our bus arrives this Friday as one of the first at the „Vienna International Busterminal“ (VIB) around 5 am. The counters and toilet are still closed – but the snack stand just opened for a first coffee.

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In order to keep us happy and convince us to book the same bus also for our future trips, „Air Kona“ the bus company invites every passenger for a nightly meal.

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Stop Routine

Some perceived 100 meters after the Bulgarian/ Serbian border, where the controls were pretty rigorous, we stop at the service area and grill room „King“.

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Motel E80

Heading to Sofia on the E80 we pass by freshly renovated motel and market – probably from the 70-ties. The parking lots on both sides of the motorway are connected via a footbridge. We’ll try to stop there on one of our next trips.... read more

Stuffed in Trunk

Even though the Mercedes Sprinter minibus next to us was ready for departure, it was stopped by two other cars. The drivers agreed unloaded the whole trunk and stuffed it again with additional... read more

Big Deals

As we were told by some older salesmen we interviewed, during socialist time this fair was one of the view opportunities for eastern and western companies to fix their deals and sign contracts.

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