Bus Trip: Platform A8

Focal aspects for „Stop and Go“ are various modes of transportation and rhythms. We decided also to make use of our trips and therefore travel by different means of transportation. The next occasion is our mapping workshop at the „International Trade Fair“ in Plovdiv (BG).


Michael Hieslmair takes the bus, departing from one of the (previously) most important Busstops in Vienna the „Südtiroler Platz“, located close to the recently opened „Vienna Central Station“. The new station and the real large estate development around it replaced the former „Südbahnhof“. The bus is operated by the Bulgarian based company „Karat S“ and associated with famous „Eurolines“ coach operator.


Michael Zinganel will join up in Plovdiv in some more days taking an „Austrain Airlines“ flight. The very same plane as for example managers of the Austrian based power company „EVN“.